Take What You Need



Check out this fabulous photo! I found this while surfing through some page on Facebook a few weeks ago. How fierce is this? Take what you need: love, (I’m thinking hope would be the second one), faith, patience, courage, understanding, peace, passion, healing, strength, beauty, freedom, forgiveness, kindness, service, motivation. Many of these are virtues and character traits that we should all seek to demonstrate. After all what good would it be to have a fierce life but be a selfish, ungrateful waste of space? Part of being fierce is to be respected by your friends and enemies. It’s hard to hate someone when they only show you kindness or any of the above traits mentioned in the photo. I’m going to make this paper myself and put it on my fridge. I think I will go ahead and make a few and tape them on the doors of my hubby’s and mines apartment. Maybe a few other places.

Here’s the thing though, why are these things being offered to pull off a piece of paper? Why aren’t we expressing this toward each other? I just turned in a paper on how cell phones have ruined face to face communication. I will be posting that soon. Because I think this photo shows that virtue is being reduced to a piece of paper on a board where you can also find roommates and local events and posters for lost dogs. That’s not fierce. What do you need from this list? What do the people around you on this list need? Do you even know? Do you know people? Perhaps if these expressions were being communicated we wouldn’t have to pull one off a piece of paper. Maybe we could just exude theses things on a daily, minute and moment by moment basis. Food for thought.

Be fierce!
Alexandria 🙂


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