The Beautiful Stapler

Philosophy of Life

Considering that it is Christmas time it should come as no surprise that I was out shopping with my sisters. We were at Anthropologie and while we were there I see this beautiful stapler. As in simply gorgeous! Now, you wouldn’t think that a stapler could stop you in your tracks, but, alas, it is possible. And then I had a thought if I had a studio with an office this stapler would be on my desk. That thought was followed up quickly with “that would mean I was successful at having my own photography business.” Gasp. Then, it occurred to me that I’m dreaming! I’ve imagined something for me in the future and I’m going to make my dreams come true. So if you ever thought that you couldn’t get inspired by something as mundane as a stapler, think again.

As adults, I don’t think we dream enough. We get caught up with the jobs we have and the bills we’re paying and the kids we’re raising. All these things are good. We are sacrificing for good reasons, namely providing for our family and taking care of our child(ren). But chasing our dreams can benefit our family even more than it benefits our self because if we are enjoying our occupation, perhaps our family wouldn’t get the leftovers. I’m not saying I’m miserable with what I’m doing. Generally, I am always happy. I get a taste of being depressed for a few hours and realize very quickly that it does not suit me. All I’m trying to express here is that as humans, we get into a routine, more importantly, we get stuck in a routine. Right now I am young enough to idealize the way I want my life to be lived and that is something I don’t want change. I want the good life. I want it really bad.


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