Failure Day One


Remember when I had that fierce first day? Well, the film that had those photographs that I had taken is ruined. Ruined. *pause while I descend into a puddle of tears.*

Okay I’m back. So I had thought that I had got film for 36 shots but I was wrong, I got 24. But I shot until I was at 36. Therefore, I was not able to rewind or transport film. I learned my lesson. That will never happen again. I proceeded to taken the ruined film out of my camera and put in the black and white film that I have. I already shot that roll of film and rewound it successfully so that I just need to take it to get developed. I’m out of film but I’ll get some when I go get the black and white roll developed. It’s tempting to give up with two rolls of film ruined but I learned how to do things right so it’s not completely wasted. I am very upset that I don’t have the great photos that I took but I’ll take better photos. Also, the shots I got with the black and white film seemed really good when I was shooting them – I just wish they were in color! Hopefully, the prints will be good!

Fiercely learning,


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