Abortion, Philosophy of Life, Political Philosophy

Fifty-seven million five-hundred and forty-four thousand nine-hundred and eighty-five point one. That is the number of babies that have been aborted since abortion on demand was “legalized” in 1973 due to the Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court was made up of 7 men which I find noteworthy. Within the time it took me to write the above sentences the number increased to 57,545,026.7. And counting. The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is this coming Thursday, the 22nd so it seemed like a good time to say something about this. About a million+ people will be marching from the National Mall to the Supreme Court on Thursday protesting abortion. If that doesn’t impress you, go look up the temperatures in D.C. I was apart of the March for Life in 2013. I had never felt so frozen. It started sleeting/snowing while we were marching. Despite the freezing temperatures, it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life.

For a little light reading today I grabbed a small book that includes Ronald Reagan’s essay called “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.” I find it encouraging that Reagan said, “…we know that respect for the sacred value of human life is too deeply engrained in the hearts of our people to remain forever suppressed.” I’m optimistic that legal abortion on demand will end in my lifetime. Reagan makes some great points regarding arguments that the unborn are human, “anyone who doesn’t feel sure whether we are talking about a second human life{in pregnancy} should clearly give life the benefit of the doubt. If you don’t know whether a body is alive or dead, you would never bury it.”  The science and medical field support at every stage that an unborn baby is fully human. But that aside, Reagan’s words are to be well advised. As a nation, we shouldn’t be gambling with life. The sin of gambling with life is a game we shouldn’t be playing but unfortunately we have played the game and are now facing the consequences…

In 2006, Mark Steyn wrote a book called, “America Alone.” The quote at the beginning of chapter 1 says, “Civilizations die from suicide, not murder.” As a society, we are aborting our future. Legalized abortion is suicide for a nation. Mark Steyn goes on to say that America will be going to the G-8, NATO and the EU summit with all of it’s partners gone. Where did they go? They committed suicide. In my book, it is largely due to abortion, although Steyn talks about many reasons why. I quote him at lenth here…”The single most important fact about the early twenty-first century is the rapid aging of almost every developed nation other than the United States: Canada, Europe, and Japan are getting old fast, faster than any functioning society ages when its birth rate falls and it finds itself with fewer children and more grandparents. For a stable population – i.e. no growth, no decline, just a million folks in 1950, a million in 1980, a million in 2010 – you need a total fertility rate of 2.1 live births per woman. That’s what America has: 2.1, give or take…” The depressing fact about when you talk about birth rates and how societies are dying because they aren’t reproducing is when you look at the numbers of abortion. If, as a society, we would stop killing our people maybe we could survive as a nation.

Besides the moral arguments against abortion I think the consequences of abortion are reason enough for it to be wrong. I know I only shared one reason but if the death of your nation is not a good enough reason to stop killing unborn children, then, what is?




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