Finally! Fierce Photography


My adventures with my Canon A-1 have finally hit a good note! The first roll of film that I took to get developed was blank, the developer said. The second roll of film was half blank with only 4 or 5 photos able to be developed and they were baaad. Far too dark type of bad. Finally! I was able to get a roll developed as in 12 prints! Ha! Where the other 12 shots went I am not sure but I am so happy that I finally have some shots worthy of sharing!

Without further ado…

55310001 55310002 55310003 55310004 55310005 55310006 55310007 55310008 55310009 55310010 55310011

Baby love! My sweet little gal is a great model! Besides the first 3 photos with the gorgeous lighting that I shared above, the rest are way too dark but I’m learning and hopefully tomorrow or whenever I am shooting next I will remember what I was doing for those shots and can replicate it! Part of me thinks I was just shooting when it was too dark outside and I didn’t have a flash. Ahh well, learnings.

Fiercely counting down the days until I can purchase my digital camera,



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