Rainy Day Sunset


Personally, I love rainy days and today was a delightful rainy day. Even better though? Rainy days with sunsets like this! Be happy today friends. 

Oh, I bought my Canon 60D today!!! Now, I just need to name her! (Or him?) 

Epic things to come!




Snow Day Again! 


The forecast called for rain/freezing rain/sleet/ snow so I’m not entirely sure what ended up happening outside today but I didn’t go anywhere! The world outside looks white again, it’ll melt completely tomorrow but for now baby, it’s cold outside 😉 Surprisingly, I worked out today! I did a workout DVD and hit the treadmill. I’m trying to get in shape. Then I painted 🙂 

My finished painting 🙂 I had bought a baby book for my 7 month old and I got it caught up to the present. 

Fierce snow days(but wishing for Spring),


Read a Book

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love books

bookToday is Read Across America Day! I am not sure who actually comes up with these “holidays” but I will take any and every excuse to read a book. I’ve been reading a book on generosity recently. It’s very short so hopefully I will carve out enough time to finish it today. It’s called “The Genius of Generosity” and so far I have really enjoyed it.

My tax guy filed for me last week so I will be purchasing my camera shortly! I am planning on getting the Canon 60D but we shall see what I finally decide once I have the money!


I am off to brew some coffee and read!

Fiercely celebrating Read Across America Day,


Dont you just love boos