Last Film Shoot (For Now)


Drum roll please…hmm mm, my Canon 60D has arrived in all of it’s glory and it is fabulous! I have taken only about 500 shots on it thus far. Hehe. But before I share photos from my camera (I am currently considering naming her Alice. I have identified the camera as a she for sure. We shall see what transpires in that regard.) I thought that it would be appropriate to share the last roll of film that I shot and developed! So without further ado…

I don’t necessarily identify myself as a cowgirl or country girl. I love country music and more importantly country boys (Good thing my hubby doesn’t read my blog!) but I have always been far more drawn to the city or the beach. I own two really nice country boots that were definitely investment pieces when it comes to my wardrobe but that’s what they are in my wardrobe, fashion statements. So lovely little ole me who owns cowgirl boots for fashion reasons isn’t all that country except for the lovely week in March when my family was out of town and I took over their “little” job of feeding retired race horses. Since I am planning on being a photographer I had thought that I should capitalize on the fact that I have access to a farm and oh my goodness six horses! I am quite happy with the results. I should have gotten out to the farm earlier because I was losing light but either way I am pretty happy with the finished shots.


Horses are fascinating. They are rather challenging to capture in a good spot so I definitely have a lot more respect for all the shots I’ve been in the past of horses. This guy gave me a little tilt of his head and neck though which is darling.

74110011 74110012 74110013

Naturally, Miss Isabelle was along for the excursion and was a bundle of peachiness as usual.

74110016 74110017 74110019 74110020 74110021 74110023

I’ve enjoyed using film and will probably use the 3 rolls I have left but from here on out it is wonderful Canon 60D =D



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