Obsession: Canon 60D


Have you ever been in love? Head over heels, can’t stop thinking about them, can’t find any reason to not spend all of your free time and then some more time with that one special person type of feeling? Because if you would like to experience that I suggest getting a Canon 60D. I love this camera and I don’t even know or understand how to fully work it yet! I mean like totally in my most hipster voice. It’s beautiful. I am so happy that this is the camera I am using to get started. It’s…dare I say, perfect?

Tyler and I were in Dallas a few weekends ago and that was the weekend following when I got my camera. Of course I had shot a few things here and there (tree branches from my balcony) but I hadn’t gotten a chance to really shoot with my new love (camera). We were at a conference type thing at a hotel and behind the hotel was an office park and winding between the office park was a pond with a bridge and fountain and ducks were swimming in it! And because it is an office park they obviously pay for sprinklers because everything was so green! I was loving it! I think my love loved it too…

Unsurprisingly, Miss Isabelle was in tow to shoot. Fierce Photography 1 125

She would lift her blankey up next to her face and play peek a boo with herself. Which I adore except for the slight shadow! Fierce Photography 1 128 Fierce Photography 1 129

Fierce Photography 1 145 Fierce Photography 1 146

Peek a boo! It’s Izze!

Fierce Photography 1 130 Fierce Photography 1 135

Fierce Photography 1 122

Simply precious!

Fierce Photography 1 148

She’s beautiful!

Fierce Photography 1 207

Fierce Photography 1 218Fierce Photography 1 220

Fierce Photography 1 222

The pond where I was shooting was very picturesque! I have noticed that I look at places in term of whether or not it would be a good place to shoot.

Fiercely shooting everything,


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