Learn to Surf

Philosophy of Life


Don’t you just love it when you feel empowered? You feel carefree, focused, energized and productive? You feel like your creativity is flowing, is making waves and all you can do is try to get what is in your mind out fast enough so that you don’t forget it! Welcome to the adrenaline that is inspiration. Years ago I wrote down in an old journal/planner something that has stuck with me and come back to me everytime I am in creating mode. I wrote down in the process of writing a song or something that inspiration comes in waves, so you better learn how to surf.


Inspiration comes in waves, so you better learn how to surf

Have you ever had a brilliant thought as you lay in bed about to go to sleep? You think to yourself, oh I should write this down but you’re half asleep and you don’t want to turn on the light and jot down whatever you’re thinking about because then you’ll be awake and you’re trying to sleep! You wake up in the morning thinking what was that great idea that I had last night? I can’t remember, oh well, I should’ve written it down. Well, that my friends, is inspiration. Sometimes it comes sporadically, sometimes it comes frequently. You have periods when it is constantly present or it makes a rare appearance. It comes in waves. Sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes there’s a hurricane and you better take cover ( and by take cover, I mean write down everything you think of!). Inspiration comes in waves, maybe small or maybe large but if you want to capitalize on your moment of inspiration, learn to surf.

Surfing is FIERCE,

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