Black, White and Red All Over

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What does a canvas board, some black and white checkered fabric, and a staple gun get you? The perfect background for little babies! I had my hubby take some shots of me with it too and it really only works vertically. I need to make a bigger one for adults because I prefer landscape or horizontal rather. Thankfully though I was able to get fabulous shots of my little girl!


Roar! I am happy!


Model baby! I can feel the glamour!


Hold on, I need to fix my hair first! Super fierce!

Having Fun!

I love taking photos!

Fixed I am so happy!

I am so happy!

Fabulous! Getting sleepy Happy Baby Mommy, I love you! My mommy

Peek a boo

Peek a boo!


Attack of fierceness!

Sticking Tongue Out! Super Cute profile Super cute Wide eyed Wonder

Fierce love!



Tutus and Sparkle

Fierce Photography

This past week I did two photoshoots! One for a mom and her 4 year old son, Max. Another for an 11 month old baby girl for her birthday party invites! Here are the ones from the little girl, I will share the ones from cute Max later…enjoy the fierceness!

Her mom had two adorable outfits for the little drama queen to wear!

Her mom had two adorable outfits for the little drama queen to wear!

Favorite! 4275

These are her attitude poses!Love love love!

Looking at Fingers

If only my little one would let me put that big of a bow on her!

Favorite! 4295

This little dress says ‘one’ and has a super cute pink tutu!

I love my hair!

I am so pretty!

Pose, pose, pose!

Blurry close up

So fierce!

Funny face

Simply a cutie!

Have a fierce day!


Meant To Be

 Don’t you just love it when you feel like something found you versus you seeking something out? Or you trying to do something. Something wonderful happens but it is not dependent upon what you do. It is as if you were destined to stumble upon something. I was in the art and photography section of Barnes and Noble and I stumbled across this tiny book by Drew Barrymore. Allow me to catch you up to the significance of that, My husband had been watching 50 First Dates on Netflix and I absent-mindedly thought about how I really like her as an actress. Every time I see her interviewed or read an article about her I just really think I like her and think out of child stars she is really awesome and has got her shiz together. I am pretty young so she could have outgrown a wild phase unbeknownst to me. I will find that referenced. Either way, one day I am thinking how much I like her, then the following day I am browsing photography books and find one authored by her. It is a really cute book. I read the whole thing while sitting on the floor in Barnes & Noble with my baby girl crawling around my feet. The thesis of the book is that Barrymore is obsessed with heart symbols and she finds them in everything. Hence the title, “Find It In Everything.” It is really cute and sweet and it was just one of those type of things that make you think there is no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and when something finds you like that book did I think that is God’s way of reminding you. It’s the universe telling you you’re on that right path. It turns out that you can find reminders of that in everything.
Find It In Everything 2nd Edit
Gollee, this post was touchy-feely sentimental!

Creative Process 

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Creativity is not a bolt of lightning or unexplainable luck. most successful artist have a process that they return to so that they can produce striking work.”

Last fall, I discovered the above quote by Lindsey Adler. I had borrowed a book from the library called 52 by Adler, who is a well known photographer in the fashion industry. The book is more of a journal type piece of work detailing Adler challenging herself to photograph something unique once a week, hence the title 52. I really enjoyed the book and particularly remember enjoying discovering different artists that Adler was inspired by, most prominent in my mind being Henry Cartier Bresson. This fierce Frenchie is known as the father of photojournalism and he was well known for shooting solely with a 50mm lens! Gah, I’m dying. I only own two lenses for my DSLR. One being a 50mm 1.8 and the other being a zoom lens 70-300mm. I have used the zoom lens on probably 2-5 occasions. Which is French for I only shoot with my prime lens. No shame! I love my prime lens! I  just love finding out that someone widely acclaimed and successful as Bresson did what I am doing. Or rather, I am doing what he did.
Adler’s quote is very encouraging. I myself have said that inspiration comes in waves so you better learn how to surf but alas, inspiration is only one facet in the creative process. Taking my analogy further would be to say that if inspiration comes in waves then I better learn how to produce waves. Or at the least have ways to create them in my repertoire. Therefore, I am learning what makes me forget everything except creating great work and filling energized by it. I remember this feeling strikingly when I was shooting at the dance studio so it is a matter of figuring out exactly what was so great about that and reproducing it.
Aviary Photo_130761051300277116
Creatively fierce,

Love In A Bookstore

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Books Edit

It’s no secret that I love books. I usually tell people that I devour books (well, at least good ones). I heard a quote recently that said “when we buy a book, we are buying in hope the time to read them” or something like that. Since I am gaining as much knowledge about photography as possible I found myself wandering around Barnes and Noble and I discovered a book/memoir type story by a war photojournalist. Needless to say, I have now been plunged into the world of photojournalism and I am finding it fascinating. This is why I think the best place to fall in love is in a bookstore. I love learning how a professional photographer got into the craft and the mistakes they made along the way toward perfecting their art. Everybody starts somewhere, even people that get published in the New York Times. I definitely could see myself going into the media and news side of photography someday. But with that said I also could see myself going into the fashion and art world of photography. Every time that I have been reading a magazine I always pay close attention to who  photographs the cover and other stories. I want to know everyone in the photography world by their work. Whenever I visit an art museum I can identify a Monet, Degas, Renoir, Pissarro or Picasso from a few feet away. I want to look at a cover of a magazine and recognize who shot it.  I believe that is significantly harder than looking at one of the works by the painting masters but nonetheless I shall learn.  


I took this photo in the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. This piece is attributed to Raphael or maybe Donatello.



Lenlie Dunn Photoshoot

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What do you get when you take a blue eyed, brown haired beauty in a floral skirt and bright pink Hunter rain boots on a rainy day? Simply gorgeousness. This is one of those posts where we just let the pictures do the talking… IMG_1333 IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1346 IMG_1349 IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1360 IMG_1375 IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1385 IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1394


Super fierce expression over here!


Seriously, Lenlie, your beauty is stunning.

1421 Edited

Your happiness shines here! I love it.

IMG_1398IMG_1418IMG_1419IMG_1424IMG_14331439 EditedIMG_1395 I loved shooting you, Lenlie! I know we were standing outside, like, what should we do? Haha! BUT even though we were unsure of what we were doing at first we got in our groove and just look at how great the shots turned out! Fierce photos, alexandria

Give A Girl Some Shoes

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Shoes Edited

Chances are you have heard the quote that goes like so, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” I usually see it attributed to Marilyn Monroe but I read it in the book, “A Year in High Heels”, years ago and it was attributed to Bette Midler. Regardless of who said the famous words, this quote sassy! Even though shoes may not be a prerequisite to conquering, it sure does make it more fun to watch!


I had been desiring a pair of wedges for the summer so this past week I went shoe shopping and got some and I found a super cute pair of sandals.


Seriously, I am dying.

Whenever a girl finds a good pair of shoes something magical happens, I swear. I just fall in love. When I tried the sandals on I put the ballet flats that I arrived in in the box and told the checkout lady that I couldn’t take the sandals off!


One of my favorite shots!

Did I mention they are designed by Christian Siriano? Gah.


The king of fierce himself. I definitely could be a fashion photographer because in between telling a model what to do and snapping pictures I would drool over shoes and clothes. I can be a material girl sometimes, that’s for sure but with shoes as fierce as this who can blame me?


Have a fierce day,


Having All the Fun


All I want to dooo (Sing in the tune of Sugarland’s song) oo oo oo oo Ooo ooo oo oo oo oo is take beautiful photos! Perhaps it is because the culture we live in is so addicted to the idea of celebrity we have bought into the idea that only the people in front of the camera (models, actors, musicians) are having all the fun when in reality, I think it is the people holding the camera that have the most fun.


Have you ever noticed how in movies that the person who filmed it is not always the same person that directed the film? Have you ever noticed how much better a movie is when the director filmed it? One of the best parts about photography is that I capture the moment(hopefully) and when needed direct it. I do not think it is a coincidence that so many actors in Hollywood turn into directors or producers. It is more fun. Besides, they have probably been bossed around by directors their entire career that they want to turn the tables.


Having all the fun, fiercely,


This is What You Were Born For

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Have you ever felt like you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing in life? I have been reflecting on my experience second shooting throughout the past week. Collectively, I worked for about 20 hours. I am thinking that I shot for at least half of that, perhaps even three-fourths of the time. It was amazing. As I said in an earlier post it was an adrenaline rush. In light of that experience, I have been thinking about what I want to be when I grow up and I always go back to the fact that when I was a kid I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to sing and be a musician but I would never actually say I wanted to be a singer or musician; I always said I wanted to be a performer. In hindsight, I find my choice of words interesting. It is as if I knew, unbeknownst to me at the time, that I did not truly want to be a singer, all I really wanted was a stage. I adore performing. I have always loved the stage and looking back this past week I know I have found the stage I have been looking for; the photographer I was shooting for even says that being a photographer is performing. That’s ironic and incredible.


I love feeling alive. I love feeling intelligent, productive, and creative. Pursuing photography makes me feel all of that. Being a photographer makes me feel all of that. I really think that doing photography is what I was born to do. Have you ever felt this? The only other time I have felt like “this is what I was born to do” was when I was giving my daughter a bath, she was 2 or 3 months at the time and I felt so happy about my baby, I remember thinking specifically “this is what I was made to do” which is different from “born to do.” That was a different feeling though because it was calming and relaxing.  It was from a place of contentment whereas I would say my passion for photography is from a place of ambition. Motherhood has never challenged me. I love being a mom but I feel like it’s normal for moms to be freaked out, self-conscious, and unsure of what they’re doing. I’ve never felt that way. I have felt tired from being a mom but never like this is pushing  me past my limits or out of my comfort zone. Photography pushes me. Being a mom feels like a big hug around my heart whereas photography feels like an adrenaline shot to the heart! I’m addicted to learning and I love learning about photography and I especially love learning that I have found what I was born to do. How fierce is that?




Adrenaline Rush

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This past week has been crazy. I’ve worked like a mad person. I helped a fellow photographer shoot an entire dance studio! Which works out to about 800 dancers. I planned to have a Degas moment but photography style. Hehe. It was crazy fun and exhausting. The photographer let me shoot a bunch and there was one evening when I was shooting that I was enjoying it so much I felt so energized and it wasn’t until I stopped shooting that I realized that shooting gave me an adrenaline rush. It was so exciting because the dancers were doing crazy awesome poses. Think jumps, leg kicks, and other cool stuff like that. It was fierce to say the least! And did I mention exhausting? Finally, I have gotten to get some rest and this evening I shot for myself and did some stuff that I have mentally envisioned for while now. Be fierce.


Glass and good lighting makes me happy

IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2378

I followed a lady bug up my hourglass =D







Be creative. I have been feeling very artistic lately because it is art festival season in my city. Happiness.

Be Fierce,