Having All the Fun


All I want to dooo (Sing in the tune of Sugarland’s song) oo oo oo oo Ooo ooo oo oo oo oo is take beautiful photos! Perhaps it is because the culture we live in is so addicted to the idea of celebrity we have bought into the idea that only the people in front of the camera (models, actors, musicians) are having all the fun when in reality, I think it is the people holding the camera that have the most fun.


Have you ever noticed how in movies that the person who filmed it is not always the same person that directed the film? Have you ever noticed how much better a movie is when the director filmed it? One of the best parts about photography is that I capture the moment(hopefully) and when needed direct it. I do not think it is a coincidence that so many actors in Hollywood turn into directors or producers. It is more fun. Besides, they have probably been bossed around by directors their entire career that they want to turn the tables.


Having all the fun, fiercely,



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