Meant To Be

 Don’t you just love it when you feel like something found you versus you seeking something out? Or you trying to do something. Something wonderful happens but it is not dependent upon what you do. It is as if you were destined to stumble upon something. I was in the art and photography section of Barnes and Noble and I stumbled across this tiny book by Drew Barrymore. Allow me to catch you up to the significance of that, My husband had been watching 50 First Dates on Netflix and I absent-mindedly thought about how I really like her as an actress. Every time I see her interviewed or read an article about her I just really think I like her and think out of child stars she is really awesome and has got her shiz together. I am pretty young so she could have outgrown a wild phase unbeknownst to me. I will find that referenced. Either way, one day I am thinking how much I like her, then the following day I am browsing photography books and find one authored by her. It is a really cute book. I read the whole thing while sitting on the floor in Barnes & Noble with my baby girl crawling around my feet. The thesis of the book is that Barrymore is obsessed with heart symbols and she finds them in everything. Hence the title, “Find It In Everything.” It is really cute and sweet and it was just one of those type of things that make you think there is no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and when something finds you like that book did I think that is God’s way of reminding you. It’s the universe telling you you’re on that right path. It turns out that you can find reminders of that in everything.
Find It In Everything 2nd Edit
Gollee, this post was touchy-feely sentimental!

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