Summer Blur


Hi fierce friends! It seems crazy that it is the middle of July right now! Where has the summer gone? A few weeks ago my hubby and I were at a friend’s backyard grill out and someone asked us if we were going to Vans Warped Tour that was in 2 or 3 days. I wasn’t aware of what Vans Warped Tour was but when I heard the line up of various bands I immediately told my hubby. He showed me a music video of one of the bands that were going to be there and essentially anytime you see an outdoor concert in a music video it was probably taken at Vans! Granted this isn’t the only outdoor traveling music festival but it is the biggest in the U.S.! So the next day my husband got us tickets and I moved my schedule around so that we could go! My camera was in tow and I took a bunch of great shots.

Vans Warped Tour 044

Bassist for Memphis May Fire

Vans Warped Tour 007 Vans Warped Tour 040Vans Warped Tour 083 Vans Warped Tour 103                                                     Memphis May Fire

Vans Warped Tour 111

We met and had a bass lesson with the bassist from Memphis May Fire

Vans Warped Tour 134 Vans Warped Tour 140 Vans Warped Tour 174 Vans Warped Tour 137

We had a blast at Family Force Fives’s set. I would say they were the best of the day! All in all in was a great and exhausting day!



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