Feeling Fierce

Hello fiercelings! I did a photoshoot with a super fierce, fabulous gal a while back and I have just been meaning to find the time to share them with you. These beauty shots need no commentary. Happy Monday! Fiercely, alexandria Advertisements

Morning Dew

In Oklahoma, the weather is always crazy. One day it’s 100 degrees plus, the next there’s a tornado, there are earthquakes frequently(this is a rather new occurrence), there is flash flooding and blizzards, droughts, record breaking everything. Sometimes, all this precipitation can occur in the same day or week. During the summer though you can…

Baby Love

My sweetie turned 1 on August 6th =D Happy birthday to my angel. Naturally, photos are in hand (err, files?). So much baby cuteness! Fiercely, alexandria P.S. Here’s the photo from her party LOL


My hubby was out late a few nights ago so around 11ish I went outside to sit on my porch and await his arrival. I noticed how glorious the moon looked with the clouds so I grabbed my camera and messed with ISO until it was insanely high and got some shots! I’m not completely…

Happy Birthday Harry!

I would imagine that you saw something online or in your social media newsfeeds about Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. Well, in case you were wondering July 31st is Harry Potter’s birthday and he turned 35 this past year. JK Rowling shares the same birthday or rather she gave her iconic fictional character the same one…