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Hi Fiercelings,

Over the past few years I have become really passionate about living as natural as I possibly can. You might call this being crunchy. You might call me a hippie – I would consider that a compliment! You might call me a health freak. I would consider that a little extreme and unwarranted but I won’t argue with you.  Let me explain practically what living naturally looks like: when there is a natural option, you do that first. Then, (after doing the natural thing) if that doesn’t help/fix/improve/solve whatever your issue is then you move on to what might be considered either conventional or mainstream. This mostly applies to health choices but it can apply to more than that.

For example, this means when your child is running a fever you do the natural thing before reaching for fever reducers. What’s the natural thing when a child is running a fever? Let them run it! Fevers, are the immune system’s signal that 1. You are sick and 2. You are fighting the sickness. Telling the immune system to stop this natural (and good!) process is really counterproductive. This one probably seems obvious to you so let me share another example.

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I used to suffer from allergies really bad. I have had weeks where I carry a BOX of tissues with me everywhere I go. I used to keep nasal spray in my purse. I had antihistamines in the glove box of my car, in my purse, by my bed. And you know what? None of that worked. I finally got fed up and tired of it. And so in the course of becoming more natural minded I thought what can I do to prevent my allergies from flaring up? I know my respiratory system kind of sucks. It didn’t matter what sickness I got, it ended up going to my respiratory system and hanging out there for a week. I wanted to find a natural way to keep my immune system running at top notch so that I didn’t have to ever look at something containing loratadine again. You know what I discovered? Vitamin C. Surpluses of it. And not the emergen-C things that you can buy at Walmart. Those things are sugar(mostly). I mean buffered ascorbic acid powder or sodium ascorbate. I mix a teaspoon or two with orange juice almost everyday and chug it and guess what? I don’t get allergies. It’s glorious!!! I probably get something within the realm of 2,000-5,000mg of vitamin C a day from doing this and it works. I’ve learned that vitamin C is something that humans do not produce but the immune system vitally needs it to function properly. You can read more about vitamin C here from Dr. Suzanne Humphries. That is where I learned about vitamin C and how to use it to treat well, everything, but for me it has cured me of allergies.

Another way I’ve become more natural is avoiding hair products with sulfates and parabens, buying organic produce whenever possible. using a fluoride free toothpaste, and using coconut oil as a moisturizer. None of these changes were overnight. As I run out of products I use regularly I research something before replacing it. I’ve been solely using Himalayan pink salt in food for over a year now since I learned about it and it’s benefits compared to table salt.


The shocking thing when you research products or brands that you’ve been using for years is that many products have tons of chemicals, some of which aren’t safe. You learn that many things aren’t natural or good for you that you would’ve never given a second thought to. Consider this your invitation to learn about being more natural. Currently, I am learning about homeopathy because I have decided that I hate drugs, including over the counter drugs. I am firm about raising my children as drug free as possible and I am learning with homeopathic medicine it is very possible to never need over the counter pharmaceuticals or antibiotics. That is so exciting to me!




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