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Hello fiercelings,

“We don’t make films to make money, we make money so that we can make films.” ~ Walt Disney

I found this lovely Disney quote while listening to a podcast by Jeff Goins. He recently came out with this book, Real Artists Don’t Starve which I have devoured! This, in a nutshell, is what artistic entrepreneurship is all about. How can I make money with art? How can I devote myself to my art? How can I enable myself financially to get paid doing what I already like? How can I have the freedom financially to create without it being a waste of my time?

Stella in floaty

Stella Grace in a Minnie Mouse floaty 

Artistic entrepreneurship is all about owning your employment with your art. Sometimes you can end up feeling greedy when people criticize your prices but you don’t charge what you charge because you’re greedy. You charge what you charge to represent monetarily how much you are worth and so that the money earned can help enable you to keep on creating. You can’t create your best work when you’re stressed about money. You might be the most expensive person in your industry and that’s okay because your work is valuable. No one criticizes the price difference between a used Honda and new Mercedes because we, as consumers, recognize paying a premium price for a premium product. Consumers are becoming savvier and are willing to pay more for artistic work.

Money is ultimately a tool for the artist to keep on creating. I make art or provide an artistic service, you pay me for it, I use that money to keep creating and to make a living. As artists, we love our craft and have passion for it. We don’t do it for money, but we make money from it so that we can keep doing it.

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