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What’s a blog without a little Shakespeare every now and then? As the title indicates it is definitely time for Shakespeare. Perhaps it’s the fact that we are getting toward the end of the school year and there’s always a school doing their rendition of one of the famous playwright’s plays or the fact that we have a theatre group called Shakespeare in the Park in my city modeled after the famous event by the same name in New York City. Regardless of the reason I definitely think we can all use a little Shakespeare boost so naturally I go to A Midsummer Night’s Dream when Helena says of Hermia…

Though she be but little,she is FIERCE.

Ahh! I just adore this quote! I mean it’s Shakespeare which is fierce. It has the word fierce in it!(Family guy moment) Shakespeare was living fierce long before I came along. I love kindred spirits(bonus points if you got that reference.). I don’t identify myself as a feminist because of what feminism means today but I’m pretty sure that I would say that I am a classical (more on that in another post) feminist and this quote in my mind is definitely saying (Excuse my French) that girls are badasses. We rock. We are FIERCE. in context, “little” may refer to size but I think generally speaking all women are little. But even though that may be true, despite our size compared to men we are FIERCE. We can definitely raise some hell.

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Ironically, I am writing this blog post while listening to the radio and an ad just came on that mentioned you guess it! Shakespeare! Ahh, I’m having an inspiration moment. More on that in the next blog post! I love it when you can feel the creative juices running through your body.

Though I may be but little, I am fierce <— might be my new mantra!

alexandria, Queen Fierce

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