Birthday Bash X5

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Hi fiercelings,

On a personal note, my oldest daughter, Isabelle, turned 3 this past Sunday. She had a shared birthday party with her four cousins because all of them have July/August birthdays. My mommy brain is turning and processing the fact that my baby is 3. GASP. In my mind, I am thinking about school starting and the homeschool program I intend to do with my children can start as early as four years of age. Which means we have one year left before “school” starts. GASSSP.

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Enjoy a few pictures from our huge Birthday Bash!


From left to right: Isabelle “Izze” 3, Ethan 2, Zélie 1, Fulton 6, Isaac 3

Cousins are so much fun!


Will be back to share about Art in the Bible by Francis Schaeffer soon!




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Living Natural

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Hi Fiercelings,

Over the past few years I have become really passionate about living as natural as I possibly can. You might call this being crunchy. You might call me a hippie – I would consider that a compliment! You might call me a health freak. I would consider that a little extreme and unwarranted but I won’t argue with you.  Let me explain practically what living naturally looks like: when there is a natural option, you do that first. Then, (after doing the natural thing) if that doesn’t help/fix/improve/solve whatever your issue is then you move on to what might be considered either conventional or mainstream. This mostly applies to health choices but it can apply to more than that.

For example, this means when your child is running a fever you do the natural thing before reaching for fever reducers. What’s the natural thing when a child is running a fever? Let them run it! Fevers, are the immune system’s signal that 1. You are sick and 2. You are fighting the sickness. Telling the immune system to stop this natural (and good!) process is really counterproductive. This one probably seems obvious to you so let me share another example.

216 flower

I used to suffer from allergies really bad. I have had weeks where I carry a BOX of tissues with me everywhere I go. I used to keep nasal spray in my purse. I had antihistamines in the glove box of my car, in my purse, by my bed. And you know what? None of that worked. I finally got fed up and tired of it. And so in the course of becoming more natural minded I thought what can I do to prevent my allergies from flaring up? I know my respiratory system kind of sucks. It didn’t matter what sickness I got, it ended up going to my respiratory system and hanging out there for a week. I wanted to find a natural way to keep my immune system running at top notch so that I didn’t have to ever look at something containing loratadine again. You know what I discovered? Vitamin C. Surpluses of it. And not the emergen-C things that you can buy at Walmart. Those things are sugar(mostly). I mean buffered ascorbic acid powder or sodium ascorbate. I mix a teaspoon or two with orange juice almost everyday and chug it and guess what? I don’t get allergies. It’s glorious!!! I probably get something within the realm of 2,000-5,000mg of vitamin C a day from doing this and it works. I’ve learned that vitamin C is something that humans do not produce but the immune system vitally needs it to function properly. You can read more about vitamin C here from Dr. Suzanne Humphries. That is where I learned about vitamin C and how to use it to treat well, everything, but for me it has cured me of allergies.

Another way I’ve become more natural is avoiding hair products with sulfates and parabens, buying organic produce whenever possible. using a fluoride free toothpaste, and using coconut oil as a moisturizer. None of these changes were overnight. As I run out of products I use regularly I research something before replacing it. I’ve been solely using Himalayan pink salt in food for over a year now since I learned about it and it’s benefits compared to table salt.


The shocking thing when you research products or brands that you’ve been using for years is that many products have tons of chemicals, some of which aren’t safe. You learn that many things aren’t natural or good for you that you would’ve never given a second thought to. Consider this your invitation to learn about being more natural. Currently, I am learning about homeopathy because I have decided that I hate drugs, including over the counter drugs. I am firm about raising my children as drug free as possible and I am learning with homeopathic medicine it is very possible to never need over the counter pharmaceuticals or antibiotics. That is so exciting to me!




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Being Brave

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Hi Fiercelings,

No one likes to give bad news. Unless you have something good to say you’d rather just keep your mouth shut. I have avoided blogging or writing because I don’t really have anything new or interesting to say. It’s not writer’s block, it’s more like just not wanting to say anything unless it is good. I immersed myself in the idea of being an artist. I read books about it and was constantly thinking about it but I wasn’t having success. I wasn’t getting commissions or jobs so I have avoided writing anything. And then I realized that is fear.




I hate the thought of living out of fear. And so I was thinking about the concept of being brave and what it really means. Another way of describing bravery is to live fearlessly. In other words, making choices about your life not based out of fear.

Be brave.

Even when you’re not sure what the reward is.




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Florida life is beautiful. It’s December right now and yet it feels like summer. I am seriously considering going to the beach today simply because I could. This might seem silly to someone who’s lived near the beach or vacationed on a beach frequently but for me, having grown up and lived in a landlocked state my entire life, the ability to visit the beach on a random warm day is quite a feat. 

Izze and Beach 061

Currently, I am blessed and cursed with the luxury of endless time on my hands. Since I turned 16 I have always worked at least part time to more often full time or 40 hours+ a week. When I worked regularly I would fantasize about a time when I would have ‘time’ to pursue art to my hearts content and yet now here I am with endless time and I feel more unproductive than ever. There is a myth or lie that our culture teaches: busyness = productive. Of course, just because you are busy does not mean that you are being productive or successful. I heard someone say that Samsung is really busy, but Apple owns 90% of the smartphone market with iPhones. I’m not busy at the moment because I just moved to a new city, therefore I don’t really have any connections or obligations. I’m not working, although I will definitely say that watching my 16 month old is a full time job. With that said, I don’t remember ever aspiring to being a stay at home mom, yet I essentially am one. My life can be summed up in one word: Monotony.

edit 10

My desire is to create something, something great. Yet, I find myself immobilized and trapped by daily life with an infant/toddler. It’s hard to accomplish anything when the only time you really have to give something your full focus is the 2 hours when she’s napping. My head was spinning with an idea for a book but I barely accomplish the little blogging that I do so I don’t know how I would ever time for a book. Then, I have an idea for songs that I would love to compose on my guitar but it’s hard to play the guitar when you want your child to be sleeping. Plus, I feel a desperate need for a piano to help chord. I desire to paint but I would have to finish painting before the paint dries out…I love art, and I desire to do art and I don’t have anything draining on my time besides my one sweet child so why haven’t I created anything? I’m not sure if this post is more of a lament or more of a desperate command at myself to do the things that I want to do. Just do it.

Not feeling so fierce so I am telling myself my mantra, “be fierce”

(un) fiercely,


New Theme

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I was scrolling through my blog and felt super bleh about my theme and the way it looks so I looked at some new themes and volia! I hope you like the way it looks now. I hope it is a bit more user friendly. I tried to find a theme that highlights my photos and provides more eye candy.


While I was updating my theme I went through some old posts and came across this one. I wrote it in June and I was talking about how moving to Florida was at least 9 months away but I was of the mindset that we should just move immediately or at least sooner. It’s funny how here I am 5 months later already in Florida. We have been here almost 3 weeks. I’d be lying if I said I was not a bit homesick. I am happy we’re here but simultaneously I am missing my family, friends and the familiar. With that said I am excited about making this city our home for awhile.

Baby Feet

The one wonderful thing about being in Jacksonville of course is the beach. My daughter loves the beach. When we first went to the beach I thought she might be scared or hesitant to have the waves wash over her but to my delight she is fearless when it comes to the beach. She runs toward the waves much to the horror of her father and myself. I told my husband that maybe we should just let her fall head first into some saltwater because then she wouldn’t be so keen to tread into deeper and deeper water. But he looked at me like a crazy person just for suggesting the idea. Anyway, it sure does make for some fabulous photos.

Izze holding daddy's hand

I guess there are worse places to live then somewhere that enables you to go to the beach in November!

Mommy and Izze



Queen Fierce

P.S. Let me know what you think of the new theme!

The Creative Call

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Back when I was in Oklahoma,  I stumbled across a book titled The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer in the church library. I immediately fell in love with the book! It is a very practical book for artists of any kind or simply for creative people in general. I was drawn to the book because you will remember my word for the year is create. This book is all about being a Christian and being an artist! Ahhh, I am in love! It is kind of like the Purpose Driven Life meets being an artist.  I finished the book not long after I got it. The book is designed for the chapters to be read weekly which I didn’t technically follow per se but I believe I did end up reading it in roughly the amount of time it is intended to be read.

Single Bird on Beach

One of the things that the author talks about in the book is having space for you art or having a studio. I’ve been thinking of this recently considering the fact that I am in a new house in Florida. I need space to do my art. So I have mentally blocked out parts of the house that don’t seem to get used very much that can be “my art space.” Another thing that the author talks a lot about is that in order to create art you have to create art. Meaning that you have to do the work. This is another theme that occasionally I find myself learning about. What is my creative process? Sure, every artist has moments of inspiration at times where everything clicks and works out splendidly, but what led up to that moment of inspiration? Can it be reproduced? I read something somewhere that said a lot of artists have a specific process that they return to that can help get creative ideas flowing. I have said before in a previous post that inspiration comes in waves, so you better learn how to surf. I just love how fitting that is considering I live by the ocean now =D

Waves and seashells

Lastly, the author shares that in her house she has a quote on a wall that says “Go to your studio and make stuff” which reminds her to just do art. Good reminder. I made a painting that simply says the word create.

Waves Watermark

Fiercely pursuing my creative call,




Well, it has finally happened. I am living in Jacksonville, Florida! Eeeeeekkkk! I am not quite sure how my hubby and I moved so quickly but it just kind of happened. We have gone to the beach twice so far because evidently that is normal to do in November in Florida. Haha. Seriously, though, it has been in the 80s almost 90s. It is really good beach weather. As much as I love the beach I am somewhat longing to see real Fall weather…I long to see red trees and lots of fall foliage. Everything is primarily green here still however I have been told this is unseasonably warm even for Florida. Perhaps I am homesick…

Now that I am in Florida I should have some more time so I am highly contemplating doing a photo a day challenge and then thinking I’ll post all of my photos weekly. Or I could just do a 52 week challenge and do a photo a week.

Picture of my girl because why not!

Artistic Izze close up B+W



P.S. If anyone is in the Jax, Florida area I would love to make new friends!

Change & Create

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It seems 2015 is a year of change for me. Changing and creating. While I was visiting my sister and her family in Maryland my husband calls me and is emphatic about moving to Florida to be with his dad. I tell him, I’m game – I can pursue my photography, art and creative identity near the beach =D plus I really want to learn to surf. The “good” job that my husband had just landed at the beginning of the summer turned out to be a a “good” job for the summer and not much else so our thought process is that if we want to pursue our own businesses (because we really don’t like bosses) we can easily do that in Florida, once again near the beach. My daughter has yet to meet her Papa so this is a great opportunity for us to spend some much due quality time with my husband’s family and be near the beach. Hehe are you getting the beach theme yet? So I’m happy to state we are moving in less than 2 weeks now (gulp!).

Here are some shots I took in DC while on the Metro. I REALLY want to create more photographs like this. They feel so moody and pensive. I keep feeling drawn to fine art photography versus being a family photographer/ wedding photographer. I am…evolving in my taste as a photographer and becoming more precise with what I like, don’t like, consider good/bad photography. I’ve always been an opinionated person and I am happy that what I want my style to be as a photographer is becoming more defined. Changing and creating. every. single. day.

Rain window sepia rain window Train reflection 2 Train reflection



“Day by day nothing changes but pretty soon everything is different.” ~ Bill Watterson

Happy Birthday Harry!


I would imagine that you saw something online or in your social media newsfeeds about Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. Well, in case you were wondering July 31st is Harry Potter’s birthday and he turned 35 this past year. JK Rowling shares the same birthday or rather she gave her iconic fictional character the same one as her. Believe it or not I went to a birthday party for Harry complete with butterbeer! Enjoy!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 007

9 and 3 quarters this way!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 004

To Hogsmeade!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 006

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 014

What shall we read?

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 015

I suppose someone found the Elder wand and put it back together?

I had a look around Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse…

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 016 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 019 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 020 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 021 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 025

I went to Potions class and Dumbledore’s time turners and the pensieve were there!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 030

Good thing I always tell the truth 😉

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 029 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 027 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 028 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 031 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 033 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 034 Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 035

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 038

Goblet of Fire!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 039

This trophy is cursed!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 043

The sorting ceremony took place!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 045

I think one of Harry’s children – possibly Albus was there!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 048

Classic T-shirt!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 058

Can I be the seeker? Or maybe I would rather have a bludger to hit people with!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 080

It’s soooo sweet! Butterscotch!

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 083

Yum, yum.

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 085

Harry Potter Birthday and Moon 088

I wasn’t aware that Rita Skeeter and Professor McGonagall were friends!

There was a wizard who was awarded the Elder Wand! Beware of him!