Portrait Photography

Hi Fiercelings!

Everything you need to know about my packages you’ll find below! Email me at alexandriafiercephoto@gmail.com to start the booking process or call me at 405-850-9351. These packages are designed for singles, couples, families, seniors – pretty much everyone. We can custom tailor a package to suit your needs.

These packages indicate a specific amount of “shooting” time, not how long the photoshoot will last itself. I promise to photograph you and/or loveys for as long as needed to get the guaranteed number of images that we need and are promised.



This gorgeousness

190 black and white - favorite!34 with watermark REAL

330 with watermark

Getting ready

img_1768363 artisticJill At Farm 152467STELLAMary Pedulla Photoshoot 465




Fierce Beliefs. Fierce Ideas. Fierce Art. Fierce Life.

Photographer, Blogger, Artist, Entrepreneur

Email me at alexandriafiercephoto@gmail.com for photoshoot and wedding bookings


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