Hi! Welcome to Alexandria Fierce. I’m Alexandria, a wife, mother, photographer and creative based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Most of the time I am busy doing the wife/mom thing but when I am not doing the wife/mom thing, I am here, on my corner of the internet, sharing the photos that I have taken of people and nature. This crazy world is a beautiful place and I share what I think of the world (which is a lot!) through capturing it behind the lens and with words, words, words(Shakespeare lovers, unite;)! The long and short of it is that I love everything! But more specifically, I love God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and from that flows my love of learning well, everything. I never understand what people are talking about when they say they are not sure what they like because I have the opposite problem. I like everything. I want to know everything. I’m all about politics, history, science, art, technology, design, religion, writing, fashion, health…you name it, I have an opinion about it and I share it. Some might say I share my opinions loudly, but I would counter that I share fiercely. I’m glad you’re here and I hope you will join the conversation. If you are interested in photography services you can find the information you are looking for under those tabs or you can email me at alexandriafiercephoto@gmail.com.

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Fierce Beliefs. Fierce Ideas. Fierce Art. Fierce Life.

Photographer, Blogger, Artist, Entrepreneur

Email me at alexandriafiercephoto@gmail.com for photoshoot and wedding bookings