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I was scrolling through my blog and felt super bleh about my theme and the way it looks so I looked at some new themes and volia! I hope you like the way it looks now. I hope it is a bit more user friendly. I tried to find a theme that highlights my photos and provides more eye candy.


While I was updating my theme I went through some old posts and came across this one. I wrote it in June and I was talking about how moving to Florida was at least 9 months away but I was of the mindset that we should just move immediately or at least sooner. It’s funny how here I am 5 months later already in Florida. We have been here almost 3 weeks. I’d be lying if I said I was not a bit homesick. I am happy we’re here but simultaneously I am missing my family, friends and the familiar. With that said I am excited about making this city our home for awhile.

Baby Feet

The one wonderful thing about being in Jacksonville of course is the beach. My daughter loves the beach. When we first went to the beach I thought she might be scared or hesitant to have the waves wash over her but to my delight she is fearless when it comes to the beach. She runs toward the waves much to the horror of her father and myself. I told my husband that maybe we should just let her fall head first into some saltwater because then she wouldn’t be so keen to tread into deeper and deeper water. But he looked at me like a crazy person just for suggesting the idea. Anyway, it sure does make for some fabulous photos.

Izze holding daddy's hand

I guess there are worse places to live then somewhere that enables you to go to the beach in November!

Mommy and Izze



Queen Fierce

P.S. Let me know what you think of the new theme!

Black, White and Red All Over

Baby Love, Fierce Photography

What does a canvas board, some black and white checkered fabric, and a staple gun get you? The perfect background for little babies! I had my hubby take some shots of me with it too and it really only works vertically. I need to make a bigger one for adults because I prefer landscape or horizontal rather. Thankfully though I was able to get fabulous shots of my little girl!


Roar! I am happy!


Model baby! I can feel the glamour!


Hold on, I need to fix my hair first! Super fierce!

Having Fun!

I love taking photos!

Fixed I am so happy!

I am so happy!

Fabulous! Getting sleepy Happy Baby Mommy, I love you! My mommy

Peek a boo

Peek a boo!


Attack of fierceness!

Sticking Tongue Out! Super Cute profile Super cute Wide eyed Wonder

Fierce love!


Tutus and Sparkle

Fierce Photography

This past week I did two photoshoots! One for a mom and her 4 year old son, Max. Another for an 11 month old baby girl for her birthday party invites! Here are the ones from the little girl, I will share the ones from cute Max later…enjoy the fierceness!

Her mom had two adorable outfits for the little drama queen to wear!

Her mom had two adorable outfits for the little drama queen to wear!

Favorite! 4275

These are her attitude poses!Love love love!

Looking at Fingers

If only my little one would let me put that big of a bow on her!

Favorite! 4295

This little dress says ‘one’ and has a super cute pink tutu!

I love my hair!

I am so pretty!

Pose, pose, pose!

Blurry close up

So fierce!

Funny face

Simply a cutie!

Have a fierce day!


Last Film Shoot (For Now)


Drum roll please…hmm mm, my Canon 60D has arrived in all of it’s glory and it is fabulous! I have taken only about 500 shots on it thus far. Hehe. But before I share photos from my camera (I am currently considering naming her Alice. I have identified the camera as a she for sure. We shall see what transpires in that regard.) I thought that it would be appropriate to share the last roll of film that I shot and developed! So without further ado…

I don’t necessarily identify myself as a cowgirl or country girl. I love country music and more importantly country boys (Good thing my hubby doesn’t read my blog!) but I have always been far more drawn to the city or the beach. I own two really nice country boots that were definitely investment pieces when it comes to my wardrobe but that’s what they are in my wardrobe, fashion statements. So lovely little ole me who owns cowgirl boots for fashion reasons isn’t all that country except for the lovely week in March when my family was out of town and I took over their “little” job of feeding retired race horses. Since I am planning on being a photographer I had thought that I should capitalize on the fact that I have access to a farm and oh my goodness six horses! I am quite happy with the results. I should have gotten out to the farm earlier because I was losing light but either way I am pretty happy with the finished shots.


Horses are fascinating. They are rather challenging to capture in a good spot so I definitely have a lot more respect for all the shots I’ve been in the past of horses. This guy gave me a little tilt of his head and neck though which is darling.

74110011 74110012 74110013

Naturally, Miss Isabelle was along for the excursion and was a bundle of peachiness as usual.

74110016 74110017 74110019 74110020 74110021 74110023

I’ve enjoyed using film and will probably use the 3 rolls I have left but from here on out it is wonderful Canon 60D =D



Picture Day!


Believe it or not it was 70 degrees yesterday! So if winter blues have got you down and you are ready for Spring like me, hopefully these beautiful photos that I took at a park/meadow will cheer you up!

Just look at her smile!

83080001 83080002 83080003

Happy Baby!

Edited 2 Edited

Little girl got sleepy so she took a little nap in the meadow =D83080016

This is her “what is on my head?” look

83080017 83080018

Beautiful little model!


Thoughtful look



83080020 83080023

Such a model!

More sleepytime photos…

83080004 83080005 83080008 83080009 83080010 83080011

She looks high in these but it’s just cause she was squinting/blinking due to wind!


I am looking forward to Spring! I can’t wait until everything greenens up!



Finally! Fierce Photography


My adventures with my Canon A-1 have finally hit a good note! The first roll of film that I took to get developed was blank, the developer said. The second roll of film was half blank with only 4 or 5 photos able to be developed and they were baaad. Far too dark type of bad. Finally! I was able to get a roll developed as in 12 prints! Ha! Where the other 12 shots went I am not sure but I am so happy that I finally have some shots worthy of sharing!

Without further ado…

55310001 55310002 55310003 55310004 55310005 55310006 55310007 55310008 55310009 55310010 55310011

Baby love! My sweet little gal is a great model! Besides the first 3 photos with the gorgeous lighting that I shared above, the rest are way too dark but I’m learning and hopefully tomorrow or whenever I am shooting next I will remember what I was doing for those shots and can replicate it! Part of me thinks I was just shooting when it was too dark outside and I didn’t have a flash. Ahh well, learnings.

Fiercely counting down the days until I can purchase my digital camera,