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As a creative person seeking to make a way in the world as said creative person one of the challenges that I believe you must overcome is thinking of yourself as an artist. When you think of the term “artist” what comes to your mind? Leonardo Da Vinci? Monet? Van Gogh? Maybe starving? That’s what I think of when I think of Van Gogh anyway, he is the definition of a starving artist. Do you think of the person playing the guitar that you pass on your way to the subway? Do you think of some eccentric character? Whatever you think of when you think of the title “artist” can you apply that title to yourself? Recently, I have.

sea shells

For awhile now I have been tagging blog posts “The Artist Life” because ultimately, I believe that’s what this blog is about. I express thoughts and opinions on various things but the main idea connecting all of them is art, being an artist and living life as an artsy/creative person. However, I am taking that even a step further by saying ‘artist’ now. I have always thought of myself as an artsy person. From a young age I was always interested in music, acting, primarily the performing arts but eventually that led into painting (which I am not very good at) which then of course led me to photography because even though I may not be able to paint what I see/want I can attempt to capture it in photography. Which is wonderful. Ahh….I love photography. But all of those could be considered hobbies. But they’re more than that for me, they’re apart of who I am…I am an artist you see.

Driftwood -full

I don’t like the idea of identifying yourself by your occupation or job. What you do is not necessarily who you are. Perhaps, I put the term “artist” up on a pedestal because at one time I didn’t feel worthy of calling myself an artist. But that is what I believe I am. A person is a lot of things and I don’t like the idea of putting all your identity into one thing but I guess it’s different when you’re an artist. Creative people see the world differently and by claiming that I am an artist I think it’s a sign to everyone that hey I don’t think like you do. This sounds like a mystical thing which on one side maybe it is – afterall, why do artists see the world differently? But I don’t actually think it is. I think it makes perfect sense. To help clarify this, I of course turned to a quote! Surprise.

“I think the definition of an artist is not necessarily tied into excellence or talent; an artist is somebody who, if you took away their freedom to make art, would lose their mind.” ~ Richard Price

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I can just end this blog post right here and now! I think I’m fairly talented, but there are people more talented than me for sure and I love this quote because it says hey, someone who is extremely talented, that’s not what makes them an artist. What makes someone an artist is that they would go crazy if they didn’t make art. I think that is actually why artists are viewed as eccentric or crazy in general, they have this insatiable desire to make art and so they’re viewed as odd because art is always on their mind, creating is always running in the background. It can be aggravating sometimes because you can’t turn it off. It can be frustrating sometimes because you don’t have time to pursue art as much as you’d like to. So, let me step on my tiny soap box and say if any of this rings a bell in your mind firstly, call yourself an artist. And then, once you’ve done that, don’t lose your mind, go create art. Afterall, you’re an artist and how fierce is that.




The Creative Call

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Back when I was in Oklahoma,  I stumbled across a book titled The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer in the church library. I immediately fell in love with the book! It is a very practical book for artists of any kind or simply for creative people in general. I was drawn to the book because you will remember my word for the year is create. This book is all about being a Christian and being an artist! Ahhh, I am in love! It is kind of like the Purpose Driven Life meets being an artist.  I finished the book not long after I got it. The book is designed for the chapters to be read weekly which I didn’t technically follow per se but I believe I did end up reading it in roughly the amount of time it is intended to be read.

Single Bird on Beach

One of the things that the author talks about in the book is having space for you art or having a studio. I’ve been thinking of this recently considering the fact that I am in a new house in Florida. I need space to do my art. So I have mentally blocked out parts of the house that don’t seem to get used very much that can be “my art space.” Another thing that the author talks a lot about is that in order to create art you have to create art. Meaning that you have to do the work. This is another theme that occasionally I find myself learning about. What is my creative process? Sure, every artist has moments of inspiration at times where everything clicks and works out splendidly, but what led up to that moment of inspiration? Can it be reproduced? I read something somewhere that said a lot of artists have a specific process that they return to that can help get creative ideas flowing. I have said before in a previous post that inspiration comes in waves, so you better learn how to surf. I just love how fitting that is considering I live by the ocean now =D

Waves and seashells

Lastly, the author shares that in her house she has a quote on a wall that says “Go to your studio and make stuff” which reminds her to just do art. Good reminder. I made a painting that simply says the word create.

Waves Watermark

Fiercely pursuing my creative call,


Obsession: Canon 60D


Have you ever been in love? Head over heels, can’t stop thinking about them, can’t find any reason to not spend all of your free time and then some more time with that one special person type of feeling? Because if you would like to experience that I suggest getting a Canon 60D. I love this camera and I don’t even know or understand how to fully work it yet! I mean like totally in my most hipster voice. It’s beautiful. I am so happy that this is the camera I am using to get started. It’s…dare I say, perfect?

Tyler and I were in Dallas a few weekends ago and that was the weekend following when I got my camera. Of course I had shot a few things here and there (tree branches from my balcony) but I hadn’t gotten a chance to really shoot with my new love (camera). We were at a conference type thing at a hotel and behind the hotel was an office park and winding between the office park was a pond with a bridge and fountain and ducks were swimming in it! And because it is an office park they obviously pay for sprinklers because everything was so green! I was loving it! I think my love loved it too…

Unsurprisingly, Miss Isabelle was in tow to shoot. Fierce Photography 1 125

She would lift her blankey up next to her face and play peek a boo with herself. Which I adore except for the slight shadow! Fierce Photography 1 128 Fierce Photography 1 129

Fierce Photography 1 145 Fierce Photography 1 146

Peek a boo! It’s Izze!

Fierce Photography 1 130 Fierce Photography 1 135

Fierce Photography 1 122

Simply precious!

Fierce Photography 1 148

She’s beautiful!

Fierce Photography 1 207

Fierce Photography 1 218Fierce Photography 1 220

Fierce Photography 1 222

The pond where I was shooting was very picturesque! I have noticed that I look at places in term of whether or not it would be a good place to shoot.

Fiercely shooting everything,




My hubby and I ringed in the new year with some friends of ours. I didn’t print off the New Year printables that I saw and liked on Pinterest, nor did I create my own list of New Year’s Resolutions. I know what I will be spending this year doing: creating. Last year, I picked a word to guide me spiritually at the suggestion of my pastor and I really like doing that. I can already tell that this will be a year of creating therefore my word for this year is create. This year is going to be so fierce! I’m going to create my photography business. I bought tons of picture frames that were on after Christmas sales because if I’m taking this many photos I’m gonna have adorable frames. I also bought some canvases so I’m going to create some great art. It’s been a little while since I painted.

Many times when I look at my little girl I’ll say things like “You’re so cute, I’m so glad I made you” or to my husband I’ll say, “Hey, you see that painting on the wall? I made that. Oh, see that adorable baby over there? I made her too” and then I laugh at my own cleverness and mutter to myself how fierce I am. Haha. But on a serious level I LOVE looking at something I’ve made myself and being proud of it. I want to live off of loving something I’ve made. I’ve said this before but I want to own my employment.

I will be posting the photographs that I took with my Canon A-1 shortly! I took some tonight of my wedding ring on a piano and I’m in love 🙂