The Importnce of Being a Yes & No Person

Philosophy of Life

My boss texted me a few days ago asking me if I would come work for a few hours. I immediately responded that I couldn’t because my mom was out of town, therefore I didn’t have anyone to watch my baby. Even if I didn’t have my sweet little bundle of joy I probably would have said no anyway because over the past few months I have increasingly worked toward spending my time investing in things that I truly care about.

Roughly two years ago I read a book by the pastor of the church that my husband and I attend. The book’s name is Chazown. It is a Hebrew word meaning dream, revelation or vision. The book is all about finding God’s vision for your life. Throughout the book I remember something to the effect of, “We say no to things we love, so that we can say yes to things we love more.” I give the example of me saying no to go work for a few hours because for one thing I love working and I love getting paid. But I am saying no to working somewhere that doesn’t help propel me toward my dream job and saying no to getting paid now so that the pay off later will be worth so much more.

I have always worked toward being a “Yes Person.” Growing up I remember hearing no a lot. Now, as an adult and new parent I recognize that you tell a child no quite frequently but I didn’t desire to always tell someone no. “No you can’t go outside,” “No you can’t play video games,” “No you can’t go see that movie,” “No I’m not driving you there,” “No you can’t have ice cream,” et cetera, et cetera. I realize that I was looking at that through a child’s eye but at the same time there were times that you can just say yes. You can stop what you’re doing and go outside or go get ice cream. However, whatever horror I saw in saying no as a child I took to an extreme as a young adult. I worked too much. I said yes too much and, yes, I love working but, “We say no to things we love, so that we can say yes to things we love more.” So now I am learning to be a “No Person” and saying no to things that I may even love so that I can say Yes to things that I love more. I am currently working part time at a fast food joint, cleaning two houses because I’m running my own little cleaning business. When I’m not taking care of my sweet little girl I am devouring photography information. I am eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus a midnight or 2am snack. But I am working toward reworking my schedule so that I can focus on my businesses alone.

In conclusion, I just want to state that it’s important to say yes and to say no. Say yes to the things you want to and say no so that you say yes later.