Creative Process 

Creative Process, Fierce Photography

Creativity is not a bolt of lightning or unexplainable luck. most successful artist have a process that they return to so that they can produce striking work.”

Last fall, I discovered the above quote by Lindsey Adler. I had borrowed a book from the library called 52 by Adler, who is a well known photographer in the fashion industry. The book is more of a journal type piece of work detailing Adler challenging herself to photograph something unique once a week, hence the title 52. I really enjoyed the book and particularly remember enjoying discovering different artists that Adler was inspired by, most prominent in my mind being Henry Cartier Bresson. This fierce Frenchie is known as the father of photojournalism and he was well known for shooting solely with a 50mm lens! Gah, I’m dying. I only own two lenses for my DSLR. One being a 50mm 1.8 and the other being a zoom lens 70-300mm. I have used the zoom lens on probably 2-5 occasions. Which is French for I only shoot with my prime lens. No shame! I love my prime lens! I  just love finding out that someone widely acclaimed and successful as Bresson did what I am doing. Or rather, I am doing what he did.
Adler’s quote is very encouraging. I myself have said that inspiration comes in waves so you better learn how to surf but alas, inspiration is only one facet in the creative process. Taking my analogy further would be to say that if inspiration comes in waves then I better learn how to produce waves. Or at the least have ways to create them in my repertoire. Therefore, I am learning what makes me forget everything except creating great work and filling energized by it. I remember this feeling strikingly when I was shooting at the dance studio so it is a matter of figuring out exactly what was so great about that and reproducing it.
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