“Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”

Philosophy of Life, Photography


I found this fantastically fierce quote on a card in one of my friends’ office. It really speaks to my creative mood as of late. I have decided in light of my word for the year being create, that I am increasingly looking for ways to do something new. Something different. Change. Change is good. What is our comfort zone as humans? The thing that keeps popping into my head is routine. Sameness. Therefore, I am always choosing to do something differently as of late. For example, my husband and I may be moving into a new apartment. We like where we are living now, there is nothing wrong with where we are living now. Although, some may argue that we need a second bedroom for our daughter. My main objective in moving besides the extra space is that I want to be somewhere different and new. Plus the complex we are looking at has a tennis court and basketball court which pretty much has me sold! We shall see.

The weather has been in the 50s the past day so naturally I grabbed my daughter late afternoon/ sunset and took a bunch of photos. She just keeps getting cuter! Somehow, she knows that I am using her as a model and she growled at me toward the end of our shoot. Haha. Anyway, I met an old friend today for lunch today and informed her that I am pursing photography and she told me that she could see me doing that! It is always delightful to have positive feedback especially when you’re doing something out of your comfort zone, but hey, that’s where life really happens.




I love my happy little girl πŸ™‚