Give A Girl Some Shoes

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Shoes Edited

Chances are you have heard the quote that goes like so, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” I usually see it attributed to Marilyn Monroe but I read it in the book, “A Year in High Heels”, years ago and it was attributed to Bette Midler. Regardless of who said the famous words, this quote sassy! Even though shoes may not be a prerequisite to conquering, it sure does make it more fun to watch!


I had been desiring a pair of wedges for the summer so this past week I went shoe shopping and got some and I found a super cute pair of sandals.


Seriously, I am dying.

Whenever a girl finds a good pair of shoes something magical happens, I swear. I just fall in love. When I tried the sandals on I put the ballet flats that I arrived in in the box and told the checkout lady that I couldn’t take the sandals off!


One of my favorite shots!

Did I mention they are designed by Christian Siriano? Gah.


The king of fierce himself. I definitely could be a fashion photographer because in between telling a model what to do and snapping pictures I would drool over shoes and clothes. I can be a material girl sometimes, that’s for sure but with shoes as fierce as this who can blame me?


Have a fierce day,