Feeling Weird

Books, My Friends

How was your Valentine’s weekend? (I realize that was last weekend but I drafted this back then!) I spent the weekend at a hotel convention center in St. Louis and literally sat around and did nothing but read a book by my pastor called Weird and take care of my 6 month old. It was probably the first do-nothing-vacation that I’ve ever partaken in. Generally, when I go somewhere I go somewhere. If there’s a museum or a monument or something significant at a new place that I’m visiting I make sure to go everywhere and see everything and take lots of pictures. Then, of course, I come back from a trip feeling like I need a vacation! I’m addicted to being productive. I can’t sit still. I cannot not be doing something so let me tell you sitting around a hotel was a little strange and quite an accomplishment. A friend told me that the St. Louis Art Museum is free to the public! I checked out their website and they have Monets. I did a happy dance while surfing their website! The hotel I was at was 20 minutes away and I didn’t go. Completely out of character for me! But at the same time a weekend of doing nothing was exactly what I needed. It’s hard for me to relax, I’m a high-strung person so it’s hard for me to just chill. When I have a mellow mood people ask me what’s wrong which is so dang annoying because 95% of the time when I’m talking 90 miles an hour all people do is ask me to shut up. Anyway, my hubby and I didn’t do anything lovey dovey for Valentines Day. I don’t even think he ever said Happy Valentines Day to me, nor I to him. We have the type of relationship where you say “I love you” everyday so who needs to be over the top about it on one day of the year due to societal pressure?

Normally, I bring 20 books on a road trip and read half of one and bits and pieces of another or I rarely read any! But this time, I brought two books and focused on one until I finished it!!! And then I started the next one! The book I read is as was mentioned above called Weird. I love it! I believe Dr. Seus is credited as saying, “We go through life with our weirdness and when we find someone who’s weirdness is compatible with ours we join forces and call it love” I’m good with weird. I’ve never aspired to fit in or be normal. I roll my eyes at that nonsense. I see groups and people and mentally say I’m glad I’m not you. Sounds harsh? No, I’m happy to be me. I think it’s funny how our culture is obsessed with improving people’s “self-esteem” and yet when you find a genuinely confident, comfortable in their own skin type of person our society calls them narcissistic, bratty, snotty, or “they think they’re better than everyone else.” But that’s my next blog post. The thesis of Weird is simple; Normal isn’t working. Everyone desires to be “normal” few people aspire to be weird. People don’t like the label weird. But what is normal? Is it broke, stressed, too busy, a failing marriage, addictions or bad habits, over weight or obese, no values? If that’s what you want to be then be normal. The book has sections specifically dedicated to Time, Money, Relationships, Sex, Values. I definitely need to improve my time. I’m overcommitted. I expect to magically find time for the things I really care about versus organizing things in a way where I can focus my time on what I truly what to devote myself to. I won’t go in depth on the other sections. Pick up the book yourself. It’s easy to find.

Fiercely weird,