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Purple hair profile picI’m Lexi =D I go by Lexi but I love the way Alexandria looks so I tend to write Alexandria but have people call me Lexi. Yes, I know it rhymes with sexy. You’re not clever. Ha!

So I’m this crazy person that got married at 18, had my first kid at 20, had a second kid at 22. I’m from OKC but I lived in Florida for about 9 months and I miss the beach soooo freaking much. You’ll see endless beach photos on here because that’s what happens when a photographer lives 20 minutes from the beach.

I love, love, love my family

Talbot Island & Toshiba Laptop 312
Christmas 2015 photos
Stella Grace

I have my hubby Tyler, and two daughters, Isabelle Esther & Stella Grace. I love being married and I love my babies. I think I want ten more. Ha!

So I love long romantic walks around grocery stores, I love overpriced coffee, I think about going vegan regularly while eating bacon – what? I unashamedly know every Taylor Swift song and went to her Red concert. I love politics and I am that annoying friend that shares too many political articles on social media. I’m passionately pro-life with no exceptions. I love creating. I think art is therapeutic. So are good friends. So is tea, coffee, and essential oils. I love, love, love animals. I love truth. I hate lies. I hate fear. I’m obsessed with podcasts and I’m subscribed to far too many. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and I got sorted into Hufflepuff which I used to have mixed feelings about but now I’m all about that life. I love all my brothers and sisters, I am one of 7 kids. And I’m obsessed with my niece and nephews. I read too many books. All at the same time too. I’m suffering from this thing called the human condition but I think writing and art help. Knowing who you are is important too. I think I know who I am constantly and what I’m about which I’m mostly about being fierce, but then I keep reinventing my definition of myself. Blogging helps me through this. Creating art helps me do this.



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